General Laboratory Safety

laboratory safetyLaboratory safety at Williams College is governed by the OSHA Laboratory Safety Standard, 29CFR Part 1910.1450. Although technically this standard applies only to employees, the College has decided that it will extend the same protection to all students. We have developed a Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) that describes basic concerns applicable to all labs. The CHP is reviewed annually by the Chemical and Biological Safety Committee. Supervisors are responsible for supplementing this plan with protocols and other information about hazards specific to their work. Instructors in teaching labs are responsible for seeing that lab manuals contain all appropriate information on safe working practices. The Chemical Hygiene Officer conducts general safety classes in the summer for research students, and at other times for teaching assistants and other lab workers. Among other services, s/he can provide Material Safety Data Sheets.

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    • Norm Bell
      Science Center Coordinator and chemical Safety Officer
      [email protected]