Hazardous Waste Policy

hazardous wasteAlthough many hazards are found in waste disposal, the term “hazardous waste” is generally considered to refer to chemical hazards, including flammability, toxicity and corrosiveness. Both the federal government, through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, through the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), regulate the accumulation, storage and disposal of hazardous waste. The federal regulation, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, is contained in 40CFR Parts 260-265. DEP regulations are found in 310CMR 30.

Williams College has two EPA-registered waste accumulations sites, one a shed near Facilities and the other a suite of rooms on the ground floor of Morley Science Center. There are Satellite Accumulation Areas in most laboratories and in certain shops within Facilities. As a Small Quantity Generator, Williams College has accumulated waste picked up by a licensed broker approximately every 6 months. In addition, those involved in shipment of waste receive training in Department of Transportation shipping regulations. The College is committed to reducing the amount and types of waste generated. Lists of wastes and waste manifests can be found in the SEC office.

Hazardous Waste Regulations (PDF)