Animal Welfare

lab miceThe Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is an oversight committee mandated by federal regulations. The College’s “Animal Welfare Assurance Statement” is on file with the NIH. The committee is composed of at least five members, among whom must be a person not connected with the College, a veterinarian, and at least one scientist whose research involves animals. The IACUC meets semi-annually and at other times as needed. The committee acts immediately upon all proposals submitted to it. The functions of the IACUC include:

  1. reviewing annually the College’s program for humane care and use of animals
  2. Semi-annual inspection of all of the College’s animal facilities
  3. bringing about any changes in procedures or facilities necessary to rectify deficiencies found during reviews
  4. reviewing any concerns involving the care and use of animals at the College
  5. making recommendations to the pertinent College official(s) regarding the animal program, animal facilities, or training for those involved with handling animals
  6. reviewing the use of animals in course laboratory programs
  7. reviewing all research grant proposals submitted to federal agencies either to approve them, approve them with requested modifications, or reject them if there are significant issues or problems involving animal welfare
  8. reviewing all proposed significant changes regarding the use of animals in ongoing research projects, either to approve them, approve them with requested modifications, or withhold approval
  9. suspending an ongoing research project involving animals that is not in accord with rules set forth by the NIH

Committee Members

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